21292543472_c466f6ada8_kWilliam Grieser
Assistant Professor of Finance
Neeley School of Business
Texas Christian University
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Research Interests:
Corporate Finance, Panel Data Econometrics, Intangible Investment, Financial  Constraints

Working Papers

Panel Data Estimation in Finance: Preliminary Assumptions and Parameter Consistency, with Charles Hadlock

Corporate Investment and Innovation in the Presence of Competitor Constraints, with Zack Liu (Ph.D. Candidate)

Integrity, Creativity, and Corporate Culture, with Rachel Li (Ph.D. Candidate), and Andrei Simonov

Clustering to Coordinate: Who Benefits from Knowledge Spillovers? with Gonzalo Maturana, and Santiago Truffa

Work in Progress 

Do Flexible Sources of Supplemental Income Promote Entrepreneurship? Evidence from Uber Introductions, with Joerg PicardKeith Teltser, and Parth Venkat (Ph.D. Candidate)

Does Counterparty Risk Reduce Relation-Specific Investment? Evidence from the CDS market, with Jonathan Cohn and Avishai Schiff (Ph.D. Candidate)